Support and assistance


There are workshops where you can (and should) go to ask for help. The workshop times are listed below. Please note, that the times are subject to change. Refer to this list for the most updated information.

Workshop schedule: (Exactum BK107)

  • Tue 12-18
  • Wed 12-16
  • Thurs 14-18
  • Fri 12-14

Note that these times may change according to demand.

The easiest way to contact course staff is via workshops. You can also mail to erkki.kaila(@) or or use the course discussion forum.

Chat channel

The course has a support chat channel in Telegram. We suggest that you use the channel either with Telegram's web browser client or with Telegram's desktop application.

You can join the channel through this link: You can access the web browser client here:

The participants in the channel are fellow students and volunteer course assistants. The channel's activity is based on voluntary assistance. Please also help other students on the channel when you can.

If you ask for help in the channel, you may add a link to your program code. You can get a link to your code in NetBeans by pressing "TMC" —> "Send code to pastebin" and then selecting "Send" from the opened view. After you've sent the code, a new view should show up with the link to your code, which you can then share on the channel when you're asking for help.