Frequently asked questions

Here's some of the most frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answer for your question, you should ask it through one of the support channels.

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I've got a problem with the TMC plugin

Make sure you've got the newest version of the TMC plugin by clicking Help -> Check for Updates on the top bar of Netbeans.

If you can't make it work, come to the workshops and we'll help you :)

Netbeans freezes when the feedback window opens

This problem shouldn't be present in the newer version of the plugin. You can download it at Help -> Check for updates and following the instructions.

I think one of the programming exercises has a bug

Please make sure the bug is not in your code. You may ask for help to spot a possible bug from one of the course's support channels. You can also test if there's an update to the exercise in NetBeans by selecting TMC —> Download or update exercises from NetBeans' navigation bar. If the problem still persists, please open a new discussion thread in the course's Moodle-forum where the course assistants can see what's wrong with the exercise and fix the issue.

I found an error in the material

Please open a new discussion thread in the course's Moodle-forum regarding the error you found.

If you are able to fix the error yourself, for example if it's a typing error, you can open a pull request in the course material's Github repository:

Doing the exercises and returning them is slow on macOS

Follow these instructions to fix the issue:

If it doesn't help, try changing the proxy setting on Netbeans to "no proxy".

The installer of Netbeans is not opening on macOS

Try clicking the installer with the right button of the mouse and then choose "Open".

the tests of part are not working on my mac

Check these instructions: macOS ohjeet

while running the tests, I get an error about JAVA_HOME

Follow these instructions:

Netbeans or its installer doesn't open, or looks odd when opening

Make sure you have Java Development Kit (JDK) version 8 installed. The environment used on this course doesn't work properly with newer versions of Java. If you have a problem with this, try removing the newer versions of Java on your computer, and then install "Netbeans with TMC" again.

The buttons to run and to send to the server on Netbeans are gray

This usually indicates either passed deadline or wrong course being selected in TMC -> Settings.

I want to apply for study right through the programming mooc. Is this the right course?

No, you cannot apply for the study right based on this course.

Encountering 'Cannot run program "cmd"' when doing programming exercises

The issue is probably due to an error with very recent Java 8 JDK versions. See the Installation guide for specifics and solutions.