About the Course

This MOOC contains the topics covered in the courses Introduction to Programming and Advanced Programming Course (5 + 5 ECTS). The topics are presented with theory, examples and interactive exercises, powered by the TMC (Test My Code) system.

Part 1 to 7 correspond to the introductory course, and sections 8 to 14 to the advanced course. Each section consists of approx. 20 to 40 exercises. You should reserve 5 to 20 hours for completing the exercises each week. If you have not started yet, create an account and start from Section 1. You'll find the instructions to creating the account and installing the required programming environment just before the first programming exercise.

Deadlines — fall 2019

for the lecture course at University of Helsinki, fall 2019

Part 8 7.11.2019
Part 9 14.9.2019
Part 10 21.11.2019
Part 11 28.11.2019
Part 12 5.12.2019
Part 13 12.12.2019
Part 14 19.12.2019

Requirements to pass the course

To pass the course, you need to complete at least 75 % of the maximum score of these tutorials. Moreover, you need to complete at least 50 % of the maximum score in ViLLE. Exercises are released after the lecture on Tuesday, and the deadline is on Thursday of the following week.

How to get help?

Please see the page Support and Assistance.

The easiest way to contact course staff is to attend the workshops. You can also mail to erkki.kaila(@)helsinki.fi or reetta.puska@helsinki.fi or use the course discussion forum in telegram.